Trash Talking Kids – American WACKO

The beginning … how it all started, they ask. Questions are an abundance of things asked when minds wonder what is going on. Well, even after questions are answered, are the results anything you’ve imagined when the question was asked?


So, this site began when a group of, let’s call it psychos, decided they would attack the administration of another site known for gossip. You may have heard of Guru Gossip (shameless plug inserted) … you may not have. If not, click the link. If you have, well, click the link!


This group of psychos began their conquest of the well known GG (referred to herein as that for simplicity, but known as Guru Gossip or Guru Gossiper) by attempting to moderate well beyond their means or abilities within the system given them there. That site is fully just a forum for gossip. They began creating sister sites and attacking the administration and generally causing chaos and attempting to disgruntle the entire userbase there. To which thus far hasn’t happened. We’ve continued on, as normal, as I found the same (or part of it at least) group had previous been  upset with us over being banned for breaking the board rules.


-Morgan (aka bipolarmorgan on GG)


P.S. There is more to come …

Love Your Trash Talk

How to properly love your trash talk and How to love your haters …

Keep Calm and Talk Trash

Well, as calm as politics can get ya. That’s right, P O L I T I C S !!! We getting really dirty up in here.


This section is dedicated to those who enjoy their opinions in politics!\